LGBTs in 2015: 12 months depicted in Couple cartoons

We selected Couple cartoons that describe 2015 from an LGBT perspective: which is your favorite?

United States, marriages without borders
26 June: the Supreme Court states that same-sex marriages are legal everywhere in the United States. It is a historic turning point for the recognition of civil rights in a country that, however, is still struggling to overcome racism.

LGBT cartoons - 2

LGBT cartoons - 3

Gay marriage, Ireland says “yes”
22 May: Irish people are called to the polls to decide if marriage rights have to be extended to homosexual couples. Referendum is a triumph for the “yes”: 62.1% of voters are in favor of the enlargement of rights.

Anti-gay movements do not give up
Even if more and more countries recognize families based on a same-sex couple, the homophobic opposition remains strong and combative: religious and political forces, as the Russian government, are in the forefront in spreading lies and misinformation.

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